Adrian Kraft is Singer-songwriter since the first time he was holding a guitar. Melodies forced itself on the first chord progressions. Hundreds of songs now have been released.

After years of producing and playing in various bands Adrian is back at the starting point: the songs and his guitar.

In this time where everything can be smaller again he tells his stories in an intimate way. The stories are about life and are sometimes letters to loved ones. The subjects are engaged and also told with a lightness and irony. The songs are influenced by Pop, R&B and Indie-rock.

Armed with his acoustic guitar Adrian performs wherever he can.


2021 Adrian Kraft - Homeward Bound (Album)

Full albums:

2016 Nexo Shape – Moscow

2015 Nexo Shape – Brick by Brick

2015 Nexo Shape – Electric Sky

2013 Nexo Shape – Commitment

2011 Kali Libra – Derived Terms

2009 Zed Zodin – Hotel de wereld

1995 Rawi Textiel – In Ulee